Ok, I have to admit: I missed the World Environment Day, Oceans Day, and also the #EnvironmentalDay to finally publish this blog post. Please do not get me wrong: All these days are incredibly important in strengthen sustainability in our minds. I’m currently surfing for three weeks in France, Spain and Portugal. This morning I was shocked how much plastic garbage was swimming in the in the sea right next to us. You could barely open your mouth and you were permanently surrounded by an island of plastic waste. I actually thought such horror stories are only told from Bali. On this occasion, I would like to introduce you to the Azulita project I came across during my recent, longer trip through Mexico.

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This non-profit organization’s aim is promoting the repurchase of waste plastics, installing recycling containers in communities, educating young people about the responsible use of plastics. In addition, the project works closely with local companies to make them more responsible in their use of plastics.

When I arrived back home after the trip I thought about how I could actively support such projects even more That’s why I joined Ambassador 1% for the Planet earlier this year. I donate 1% of my income to sustainable projects around the world. With our sustainable fashion label, The URA Collective, we started giving people the opportunity to round up their purchases and donate the difference amount to Azulita. 1% for. The Planet is a perfect start to give NPOs (Non Profit Organizations),I encounter during my travels, or even actively support myself, a greater reach.

About The Azulita Project

Playa Saladita is a beach community in Mexico, located about 3km from Los Llanos. Fishing plays a very important role for the inhabitants and the beautiful beaches offer first-class spots for surfers. Azulita’s recycling program has a positive effect on more than 100km range of the Pacific coast. Before this project created incentives to collect plastic, the waste was burned or buried in open pits. Thanks to Azulita, the plastic is safely removed from the environment and recycled.

The project was born in 2008 from the desire of several people to create a healthier, more ecological and sustainable world. The founders have joined forces to tackle the serious plastic pollution and overuse of chemical pesticides in the Los Llanos area.

In its original form, the Azulita project was a voluntary community that promoted educational programs for organic agriculture, recycling projects, a football league, dance classes, English classes, and a community room for classes and gatherings.

The Azulita Project La Lasadita Mexico Sustainable Npo One Percent For The Planet Social The Ura Collective 4

In 2014, the founders reorganized the recycling part of the project into an effective and sustainable business model. The concept was simple: create economic incentives for people to recycle plastic and create well-paid jobs in more rural areas of Mexico. This was the birth of the Azulita project Asociació Civil.

In 2016, further projects followed to support Mexican operations and launch a local campaign to further increase awareness of plastic waste pollution and reduce the local reduction of disposable plastic. Azulita also creates the opportunity for members of this community to deal with the plastic pollution of the sea and to actively counteract it.

Read More: https://www.azulitaproject.org/los-llanos-guerrero


When I visited Mexico and the Los Llanos area for the first time, I was truly overwhelmed by their beauty. People whose concern is to protect this beautiful region and our planet have my full respect. At that time, I donated all my photos of the trip for this project and will handle it the same way in the future with other organizations that I hope I will come across. I do not think you have to become a full-time photographer or start a sustainable clothing label in order to collect donations for such projects. Each of us can take action and think about how he can support outstanding projects like this in his own way – Every day.

Here you can donate directly to the Azulita project: https://www.azulitaproject.org/contact

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