Everyone has been talking about it since 2015, everyone should be familiar with the “refugee crisis “. In 2015, 2016 and 2017, a number of factors such as civil war, poor job prospects, terrorism or other social ills led to asylum applications in Europe from countries such as A. Syria, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Albania and Iraq have more than increased six-fold from just under 200,000 in previous years to approximately 1,300,000.

Due to these grievances, countless young people have fled to Europe with the prospect of a better life with their families or alone. The fear of the unknown and the loss of wealth and the status quo that has prevailed up to now has tended to give negative reports about refugees and how they deal with them, and unfortunately did away with the small to large bright spots. In fact, there are numerous good projects, initiatives and people who work every day for refugees and for good coexistence. I count the Skaid project among these. Before I start my first skaid session with the boys, I would like to briefly explain what this project is about.

Skaid2018 27i1140 Lores By Florian Breitenberger

Skaid is one in April Social project founded in 2017 based on the firm belief that sport Brings people together and thus to a constructive intercultural Understanding and cooperation between locals and refugees contributes positively. The means of choice is skateboarding together.

Personally, I’ve always wanted to go to the Take a look at skate photography. I finally had it almost three weeks ago Chance for the first time with the youngsters from Skaid and their trainer Tun to take pictures. What can I say? The session with the boys on Tivoli Park in Innsbruck was great fun – not only because after 10 Minutes already felt 10 falls on the account, but because you realize that the children and carers are wholeheartedly involved. It has fun made the boys with my camera to accompany the training, laugh and learn to see.

Skaid2018 27i1114 Lores By Florian Breitenberger

What is Skaid?

Skaid offers weekly skateboarding courses for refugees and socially disadvantaged youth and young adults. As part of the Events and other leisure activities (e.g. Skiing) organized.

Everyone involved in the Skaid team firmly believes that the learning process and thus the acquisition of competence, self-confidence and the The young people’s self-confidence increased, and this subsequently led to her Well-being and their resilience to negative experiences such as that can improve confrontation with racism

Skaid is for the children Conviction, well-being, self-confidence and integration about sport convey. In doing so, they should be encouraged within our society to move – in two ways.

Skaid2018 27i1461 Lores By Florian Breitenberger

Why skating?

Skating is not only a sport that is fun, but also a way of life that young people can identify with. If you feel like a skater, the focus is not on where you come from, but what you do!


Enough useless things happen in this world, the more I find cohesion and integration in our society, especially in our time, more important than ever. So it’s nice to see that the right people are thinking and that projects like Skaid are emerging. For this reason, I would like to accompany this project more regularly with my photography. If you want to learn more, you should not miss Skaid’s Facebook (Link) or Instagram (Link) page. As soon as Tun’s ailments healed, I would be ready for the next skaid session.

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