To be honest: I am happy to suppress that I should finally finish my studies. But there is still time, I like to tell myself again and again. Don’t stress. Like so much else. Do you know that As soon as something is not immediately palpable, people like to put it in the last back chamber of their brain box. Anyone who has read my last blog entry about marine litter in France and the Azulita project knows how much the following project is close to my heart.

It seems to me that the postponed tasks are like the micro-plastic particles in the sea: somehow everyone is aware of the topic, but it is hardly tangible. You can hardly see them anyway, can you? That probably makes the whole thing so complex. It is for this very reason that extraordinary problems need extraordinary solutions. And now we are at the Pacific Garbage Screening Project. It is a revolutionary idea that, with the help of a floating platform, enables plastic and plastic particles to be filtered out of the water. The approach works without nets and thus protects fish and other living beings. The recycled plastic waste is to be used to create resources for energy generation again or to become biodegradable plastic.

To set their vision and goal of clearing the oceans of plastic, the members of PGS founded a non-profit organization in 2016. All team members are volunteers for this vision.

To implement this, PGS has launched a crowdfunding campaign that will collect the required € 200,000 by July 15, 2018. The pointer is currently at just under € 110,000. In order to implement the whole thing, they need your help.

I became aware of the whole thing because I was contacted to see if I could support the projects. Sure, I immediately shared it on my targeted media and spread it further. I’ve donated myself, but somehow the whole thing wasn’t enough for me. So I pondered something and thought about the following:

Send me a screenshot of your donation receipt for the project on

I will be giving away a picture of me of my choice on canvas up to 120x80cm. The value for this is up to € 400. You can choose one of my published works, no matter what. Anyone who wants to put it on is also invited to a coffee and can browse my archive here on the computer.

Afterword: To be honest, I actually wanted to write an extensive article about our week with the Audi Nines drivers in Algave in Portugal. We had another unforgettable week at Pure Surfcamp Lode in Portugal. But then I decided on this topic. The photos in the article are all from the week. In one swing: Like last year, the week was again fragrant and a big thank you again for the great breakfast Målin, Sven’s Skills at the Smoker, Hardys and Sabrina’s uncomfortable good mood and, of course, Jonee for take-away check continual swell .

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