The more I deal with the topic of surf photography, the more I have the feeling that you have to use a number of clichés. But what’s so bad about that, I wonder? So here they are: the kitschy sunsets, casual surf lessons paired with the fantastic beaches of the Algave in Portugal.

Exactly a year ago, surf fever hit me here on the beach in Armado. At that time I was invited to the week as a winner at the Nine Royales photocontest. Since then, I have become increasingly interested in giving surf photography a chance. No sooner said than done: Surfhousing for my camera borrowed from a colleague in Munich and off to the beach. Once there I realize: I would prefer to surf the water myself, but it doesn’t help. If you do not work hard you will not see any results. And if you need more patience when surfing yourself or taking photos with the surfer, somehow I can’t tell you exactly. You should definitely have time and a heap of luck in your luggage. Because you hardly see what you are photographing. Let alone choose your perspectives in peace, the sea does not play along either.

Tas18 Puresurfcamps Portugal Day04 07 Midres By Florianbreitenberger

You can look at the photos directly on the camera, for example whether you got what you took, you can also remove make-up in your water housing. Most of the time you are more concerned with kicking yourself exactly into the line of fire of the athlete, so that you don’t miss the shot (Locals see that, I have the feeling, I also particularly like it). If the current blows well, the romper is twice as much fun. So you come back to the beach after every photo session and it’s like you unpack your camera from such a surprise bag – you never know what’s inside. But you definitely want to know.

Tas18 Puresurfcamps Portugal Day04 03 Midres By Florianbreitenberger

So far there have always been a handful of usable photos. So my big respect to all incredibly talented and hard working professionals out there, the job is a bit tough. Even if it has now exaggerated and sounded negative: It’s really fun!

In addition, despite the endless chances on the water, I have somehow only improved to a limited extent over the past few months and paddle myself a branch every time, but the whole thing still does not let go so easily. So much for that.

Tas18 Puresurfcamps Portugal Day01 10 Midres By Florianbreitenberger

A year and for me countless rinses in the washing machine later, it was then time: I had the chance to accompany back to the Puresurfcamps Lodge in Portugal. This time not only for surfing, but also as a photographer. Those who asserted themselves as contest winners at the Audi Nines or last year Nines Knights MTB were invited to a week’s surf trip to the Puresurfcamps Lodge in Portugal again this year. This week was once again indescribable and at the same time (unfortunately, as always) far too short – Hardi, Malen, Rene and Sabrina were not entirely innocent, they touchingly took care of it. Without a guilty conscience, I cannot say for sure whether it was personally the all-u-can-eat sushi, Renes skills on the smooker or the bombastic breakfast by Malen.

Tas18 Puresurfcamps Portugal Day05 177 Midres By Florianbreitenberger

Because the area around Faro also has a lot to offer: If you don’t yet know the cliffs of the Algave and the endless surfing beaches, you should pay a visit to the region. If that’s not enough, let the countless surf buses inspire you to dream forever. If you want to give your mustard to the photos or are just looking for someone for a nice chat, feel free to leave me a comment or message. I say thank you to all the complicity for the great time and quietly see you next time, Algave.

Have fun looking at the photos!

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